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ATH Security
Security Systems - Fire Safety - Extinguishing - CCTV - Metal Detectors - Automation


ATH Security, under the leadership of Mr. Athanasiadis, emerges as a pioneer in the field of security and fire safety systems. With an experience that exceeds 30 years, the company offers integrated high-tech solutions for the protection and security of your premises.

ATH Security was founded in October 2022, strengthening its presence in the sector and bringing new, innovative solutions to the Greek market. We focus our expertise on security and fire safety systems, covering a wide range of subcategories.

Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Biometric Access Control Systems: We provide advanced access solutions based on biometrics, ensuring a high level of security.
  • Metal Detectors and Extinguishing Systems: We provide modern systems that detect metals at building entrances, combining prevention with risk control.
  • Closed Circuit Surveillance: We install surveillance cameras with temperature and object detection, offering sophisticated functions for the security of your premises.

We serve customers throughout the Attica region and extend our presence up to 100 kilometers outside its borders. We mainly target business customers, working with hotel units, hospitals, company buildings and shopping centers.

ATH Security is committed to providing high quality services and innovative solutions to fully protect your premises. Contact us to design together the ideal security solution for your needs.